4 Colour Non-woven Drum Printing Machine

This is a piece-by-piece printing machine. Although this is a piece by piece printing machine, it has high operation speed and can print up to 3500 pieces per hour.

Piece by piece no wovendrum printing machine

Drum Printing Machine Features

1. The machine operates at 1.5 Kw/AC and doesn’t cause a strain on your power supply.
2. This drum printing machine can print upto 4 colours which is good enough for any non woven printing tasks. Most of nonwoven bags that you come across are single colour prints. However for the occasional multi colour drills this machine can be perfect.
3. Drum printing machines can produce the print quality as good as any good flexo printing machine. They can also have high operational speeds. This non-woven printing machine can print 1500 to 3500 pieces per hour (depending on number of colours).
4. The maximum printing area is 120 cm x 65 cm. This print area is large enough for any kind of non woven bags and can also be used for printing on larger bags like non woven rice sacs and fertilizer bags.

4 Colour Drum Printing Machine Specification

1 Motor Power 1.5Kw/Ac
2 Plate Making Thickness 4-5mm
3 Printing Speed 1500-3500pcs/h
4 Max Printing Area 1200*640mm
5 Max Material Feeding 1200*800mm
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