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It is our delight to provide our clients with high quality, imported Non Woven Bag Making Machines. The bag making machines sold by us are in great demand in the Indian owing to the switch over to eco-friendly products and government policies against the usage of plastic packaging products. The machines that are shipped by us can be availed at a great price compared to other non-woven machine sellers in Tamilnadu and other southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Non Woven Bag Machines Chennai

Why buy Non Woven Bag Machine from us?

1. We have first hand experience with the machines that we are importing and distributing. Kalorful Industries is an award-winning Non-Woven bag making company. We have been using the exact same machine what we are selling to you for the past 5 years.

2. On top of that we also provide training and technical support. We are always here to help you out with anything and we are easy to approach.

3. We also provide free service for the 1st 12 months and life-long service at nominal costs. Since we have a functional unit based out of the Chennai and we are busy with production we always have service and maintenance engineers stand-by.

4. We also guarantee best price in the market. There are several suppliers in India who import non woven bag making machines from China and sell them. But we can guarantee that we are one of the most cost effective sellers for the kind of quality machines we provide.

5. Live tour and demo. You can schedule an appointment with us for a live tour of our facility. So that you can have first hand experience with our machines and the functioning of the whole unit.

What are you waiting for? Just give a call and we can schedule a tour.

The machine is apt for making bags of different shapes and sizes. The whole machines line up is modern and equipped withe state-of-the-art technology. Although the machine is imported from China, they come with some of the high quality core components made in Taiwan and Korea. This machine is also automatic with little human intervention needed which using certain modules and sub-machines.

Our non woven bag making machine can produce non woven bags of different sizes and cut types. The list of all the machines needed for a fully functional non woven bag making unit is listed below.

Non woven Bag Making Machines List

There are several machines that have to work in harmony to be a fully functional non woven bag making unit. We list below all the machines that are needed. In certain cases there could be multiple variants out of which one can be chosen based on usage and budget. Of course we will clearly explain and guide you in your buying process with our experience.

1. Non woven Bag Making Base Machine

There are 2 base machines to choose from. We have mentioned the complete specifications and difference here.

2. FLEXO PRINTING MACHINE- Roll to Roll (1.2M)


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Hydraulic cloth bag punching machine

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