Flexo Non-woven Printing Machine (2 & 4 Colour)

Printing is an integral and essential part of any non-woven bag manufacturing procedure. There are various types of printing machines that can be used for produce desired printing results. We offer 2 types of Flexo printing as well as Drum Printing machines.

Flexo Printing process flow & Advantages

Auto non-woven roll feeding -> Auto tension control -> centralization-Printing -> Heating and dry ->
Rewinding part

Just like plate printing machine our 2 colour and 4 colour flexo printing machines for Non woven fabrics have Photosensitive resin rubber plates. These machines can not only print really fast but also produce stunning printing quality with great opacity and durability.

1. Our flex printing machines are very easy to operate and we will also provide necessary training.
2. The colour registrations can be easily calibrated with high accuracy.
3. Since this is an automatic machine, there is very less human intervention needed. Printing quality can be set easily with the meter counter.
4. The dryer attached will ensure that the ink/dye is sealed permanently for maximum durability. The drying system is also quite fast with it’s high speed rotary system.
5. The frequency controller can be used to change the printing speed as well.

2 Colour & 4 Colour Flexo Printing Specifications

1 Roller width 1200mm 1200mm
2 Printing width 50-1160mm 50-1160mm
3 Printing speed 50m/min 50m/min
4 Material Non-woven fabric, Paper,
Aluminium foil
Non-woven fabric, Paper,
Aluminium foil
5 Printing length 280-1000mm (customized by
280-1000mm (customized by
6 Transmission drive
Spur gear drive Spur gear drive
7 Thickness of plate 3.94mm 2.28mm
8 Power supply 380V 380V
9 Total power 20KW 23KW
10 Rated power 8KW-10KW 8KW-10KW
11 Overall size L3500 * W2200 * H2200 mm L4500 * W2200 * H2500 mm
12 Weight of Machine 2300KGS (20HQ*1) 3200KGS
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