Handle Sealing Machine – Single and Double Loop

The loop sealing machines are used to seal the handles to the non-woven bags. Both the single and double loop machines share the same core components. The main difference comes with the speed of operation. Take a look at the advantages and features of both the single and double loop non woven sealing machine below.

Non woven handle sealing machine features

1. Both the single and double loop variants can pretty much seal handles of same length – 380-600 mm and 390-600 mm respectively.
2. The single handle machine has a slight edge over the double when it comes to thickness of material. However, in most cases the non woven fabric used to produced to produce bags are less than 100 GSM.
3. The obvious difference is with the operational speed. The double loop works at double the speed of the single loop machine owing to its 2 arm set up and sealing both loops at a time.
4. The single loop however is operational on 5Kw power.

The main advantage of the double loop over the single loop machine is the speed. Depending on your budget constraints you can choose any of the machine.

Single and double loops sealing machines specifications.

1 Handle Length 380-600 mm 390-600mm
2 Handle Width 25 -30mm (standard) 25mm (standard)
3 Thickness 60-120 gsm 60-100gsm
4 Max feeding diameter 600 mm 600mm
5 Operate way Manual operate Manual operate
6 Capacity 10-20 pcs/min 20-30pcs/min
7 Power supply 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
8 Total power 5 KW 9KW
9 Overall size L 2650* W 1090* H 1650mm L 3630* W 1090* H 2040mm
10 Weight of Machine 500KGS 900KGS
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