Hydraulic Non Woven Punching Machine

The hydraulic pressure system of this punching machine is easily adjustable. During operation it can produce precise and heavy stroke cuts on non woven fabric of various thickness.

Hydraulic punching machines chennai

Non woven Hydraulic Punching Machine Features

1. The operation of the machine is quite simple. The bag needs to be placed on the plate; punching mold is put on the bag; bags are punched.
2. The punching machine is also quite small and light in the whole machine set.
3. Very low power input needed and need zero maintenance.

Hydraulic Punching Machine Specs

1 Output 40-50 pcs/min
2 Pressure 10T
3 Platen stroke 5-75mm
4 Distance between the tableand platen 65-150mm
5 Power supply 380V 50HZ
6 Total Power 1.1kw
7 Size 1000x800x1300mm
8 Weight 350kg
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