Non woven Piece Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is simple yet essential part a fully functional non woven bags making unit. The rolls of fabric is fed into the machine and cut into sheets. This machine can also cut non woven fabric of various GSM. The operation of the machine is easy and is powered by a servo motor that promises high operation speeds.

Non woven piece cutting machine chennai

Non woven piece cutting machine features

1. Can cut up to 140 pieces per minute.
2. Has wide material acceptance from 20 to 150 g.
3. Very low noise and high quality servo motor for constant length cutting.
4. The machine is also easy to maintain like the slitting machine.

Non woven piece cutting machine specification ITEM SPECIFICATIONS
1 Cutting Speed 20-140pcs/min
2 Cutting Width 100-1150mm
3 Cutting Length 30-1000mm
4 Thickness of cutting 20-150g
5 Power 380v/220v
6 Total Power 6Kw
7 Machine Size 3200*1550*1150mm
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