Non woven Slitting Machine

The slitting machine is used to slit non woven fabric of various GSM thickness and size. High quality tension controllers and durable steel blades provides precise cuts.

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Non woven slitting machine features

1. The main advantage of the slitting machine is the operation speed. Depending on the material size and thickness, this machine can slit anywhere from 30 to 80 per minute.
2. Many machines are sold in the market with cheaper steel blades. However, this non woven slitting machine is equipped with high durability and precision stainless steel blades that will last for years. We can confirm this from experience of using this machine for the past 5 years.
3. This is also one of the easiest to maintain among all the the machines needed to run a fully functional non woven production unit.

Non woven slitting process

Paper pipe cutting -> Put on rewinding air shaft equably -> Raw material Autofolding ->
Automatic correct deviation -> Slitting -> Rewinding -> Collection.

Machine specifications ITEMS SPECIFATIONS
1 Roller width 25-1800mm
2 Slitting speed 30-80m/min
3 Min slitting width 25mm
4 Power supply 220V 50Hz
5 Total power 3KW
6 Rated power 3KW
7 Overall size L 2400* W 1800* H 950mm
8 Weight of Machine 650KGS
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