Bag Types: Based On Cut-type and Form Factor

We produce non woven bags for businesses and end-users. All our bags are made using high-quality PP material, which are also custom made according to our customer’s needs – this also involves printing messages and branding on the bags. Although we will be able to pull off any kind of personalized non woven bag requirements, we also have some standard types and bags that we have categorized based on their use and cut type.

Take a look at the standard set of products that we produce on a regular basis below and feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to hear from you. We have categorized bags based on cut type/form-factor below. Irrespective of the type of the bag we will be able to personalize them according to your liking including custom printing on our products.

Types of Non Woven bags based on cut-type

D-Cut Non Woven BagsNon woven d-cut bags manufacturer:

We produce D-cut bags that can be used as carry bags which could be a great replacement to plastic bags at shops and stores. The handle of a D-cut bag is soft and since they are not attached and essentially part of the bag, they don’t get ripped that easily. For the same reason they are quite affordable.

W Cut & and U Cut BagsW-Cut Non woven shopping bag:

W Cut or U Cut bags are quite commonly known as grocery bags. The cut type is similar to that of plastic bags that one gets when buying grocery. They are good replacement to harmful plastic bags that are doing a lot of harm to our environment.

Wooden handle bagsWooden handle or Kattapai:

Wooden handle bags or kattapai are some of the most widely used and preferred type of bags among the public to carry around heavy stuff. With a wooden handle and ample space these bags could be used for carrying around a lot of different types of articles and stuff.

Box Type Non Woven BagBox Type With Handle:

Box type bags have greater volume because of their larger gussets and we can produce them in any colour and size you require. Box type non woven bags could be a valuable give away during events, venues and shops where articles and products of modest size are sold.

Non Woven Shopping bagStandard Non Woven Bag with Handle:

These are some of the most popular type of non woven bags that one can see. They can serve a lot of purpose. They can be used as give aways in shops and stores.

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