Bag Types: Based On Application & Use

Our non woven bag manufacturing facility located in Chennai can produce any sophisticated type of bags that can cater to different needs. We can manufacture any type of non woven bags and custom requirements with different shapes, sizes and colours. We have listed below the types of non woven bag that we produce based on application and use.

If you want to take a look at bags based on the cut type and form-factor like D-Cut, W-Cut, U-Cut, Wooden handle, Box type, and bag with handle. Click Here.

Types Of Non Woven Bags Based On Application and Use

non woven wedding bags

Non Woven Wedding Bags:

Wedding bags or Thaamboolam bags are given to people as a token of gratitude who attend a wedding ceremony. Take a look at our complete collection of attractive wedding bags in different shapes and sizes that could be a great give away.

non woven tote bag chennaiNon Woven Tote Bags:

“Tote” means “to carry.” Our tote bags are extremely durable, looks beautiful with vibrant printings and colours. Our collection of tote bags combines style, functionality and durability and is quickly replacing leather and jute hand bags.

Non Woven Fertilizer Bags

Fertilizer Bags:

We produce Fertilizer and Chemical non woven bags, which are also printed with your branding. Take a look at our bags that are crafted to hold various types of fertilizers and chemicals.

Non Woven Rice Bagsrice bags with handle:

Jute rice bags are now replaced by non woven rice bags since the jute gunny sacks that don’t look trendy and not as durable as non woven rice bags.

tote shopping bags chennaiNon Woven Shopping Bags:

There is a growing trend of people saying no to plastic bags in Tamilnadu and all over the nation. We manufacture shopping bags that look trendy and have exceptional re-use potential.

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