Box Type Bags with Handle

Kalorful industries had been producing box-type non-woven bags and supplying to a lot of customers in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. As the name insists, box type bags takes the shape of cuboid box with handles. The bag gets this box shape because of the large gussets. The gussets that are present on both the sides of the bag greatly increase the volume of the bag. On top of this, since the non woven fabric has good shape retention properties and not too flimsy and weak like plastic bags, non-woven fabric is the best material to make non-woven bags.

We produce 2 types of box type bags. One is stitched type and the other the machine molding. Both the types have their own advantages and uses. Nonetheless both are of high-quality.

Suitable for

Box Type Non Woven Bag
Box Type Bag With Hnadle

These box types bags are made in a lot of different sizes and could accommodate articles of different sizes. They are perfect if the article sold is concealed in a box. For instance, a footwear seller, might find box type bags to be useful to slip in the boxes since they are designed to accommodate objects of this shape. These types of bags could be given in Jewelry showrooms, Textile showrooms, Footwear/Shoe showrooms. The smaller variants could also be used as wedding bags.

Box Type Bag Sizes

We have listed below some of the standard sizes in which we produce by box type non woven bags. We also take care of printing your branding on these bags. Our non woven bags are also produced in a lot of different colours. If you think none of the sizes mentioned below would suite your requirements, we can also produce custom sized and designed bags.

Production Feasibility
1 9*12 Any no. of units
2 10*14 Any no. of units
3 12*15 Any no. of units
4 14*18 Above 3000 units
5 15*19 Above 3000 units
6 16*20 Above 3000 units
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