Non woven d-cut bags manufacturerNon woven D-cut bags are available in square as well as rectangle shapes. These bags are simple, yet are stylish and are available in a lot of different sizes and colours. There is a D punch on the top of the bag which improvises the handle of the bag. The handle of the bag is not an additional attachment and is just one with the bag. So the whole D-Cut bag is just made using a single piece non woven fabric. D Punch bags are some of the most commonly using bags that one can see. One can also see a lot of D-cut plastic bags.

These bags don’t only look elegant, but can also handle a lot of abuse and withstand heavy load. These kind of bags are given away by shop owners in a lot of retail stores since they not only fit the human hands, but they are good at retaining the shape well and are quite stiff when compared to plastic bags, they can be hanged on the sides of motorcycles without one having to worry about the bag getting stuck in the wheels like plastic bags which are flimsy and can’t hold shape – and might we add, they are harmful to the environment.

The high-quality non-woven fabric that are used to make these bags ensure excellent tensile strength of our D-Cut bags and can withstand heavy load. Our state-of-the-art non woven bag making machines can produce tens of thousands of bags with high precision and quality. By buying our D-cut bags you are not only providing quality give-away to your valuable customers, but you shall also take pride in contributing to a greener environment. These bags are highly re-usable and also easy to recycle unlike their plastic counterparts.

D cut bags

We have shipped out D-Cut bags to a number of clients in Chennai and other cities in Tamil nade like, Coimbatore, Madurai, etc. Because of the quality of our products and competitive pricing, we’ve also shipped many orders to cities in other states like, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Suitable for:

Highly recommended for any purpose involving lesser weight materials. Very simple in look and cost effective compared to other models. These bags could be used by, but not limited to retail outlets, gift shops, book stores, events like exhibitions, shopping malls, shoe shops, wedding bags, temple bags, small electronics sellers (mobile phones, accessories, cameras), etc.

D-Cut bag sizes

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Take a look at some of the D-Cut shopping bags that we have created for some of our customers.

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