We produce and supply Fertilizer bags of different size and capacity to some of the top fertilizer producers in Tamil Nadu and other states in India. All our fertilizer bags are made using hige-grade non woven fabric. These bags are tested and subjected to rigorous testing process based on defined testing parameters to ensure that they are good enough to hold chemical and organic fertilizers for a long time.

Non Woven Fertilizer Bags
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Fertilizer Bags Chennai
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Fertilizer bags are not like other non-woven carry bags. Once stuffed and sealed they are water tight and are extremely durable. Since these bags are usually stored in godowns by the end-users, where the conditions might be very harsh, they are made extremely durable. Fertilizers stored in Jute gunny bags might not withstand all the abuse. Plastic bags could be much worse – they are bad on the environment and the last thing a farmer wants in his agricultural land are plastic bags. Our fertilizer bags are water & air proof and will keep the contents of the bags from moisture in air and rain.

Fertilizer Bags Printing

Our other non woven bags like, tote bags and shopping bags might need to be printed with branding or any custom message, but printing the right information on fertilizer bags is quite important. A lot of vital information like percentage of nitrogen, potash, and phosphoric and type needs to be printed on the bags. Our non-woven printing unit in our facility in Chennai also takes care of printing all the right data on the bags.

Suitable for

The fertilizer bags that are produced by Kalorful industries could be used not only for packaging fertilizers, but also to pack, granular and finely ground feeds and agricultural chemicals. Also do take a look at our rice bags if you are also interested to know about packing grains like rice in an eco-friendly way.

Fertilizer Bag Sizes

Fertilizers are sold in various sac sizes and weights. We produce bags in the following sizes. However, if you need us to produce custom sized fertilizer bags we will be happy to get it done.

S. No
Weight Capacity
1 10*14 250kg
2 13*16 200kg
3 16*20 100kg
4 20*23 100kg
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