Non Woven Bag With Loop Handle

Non Woven Bags with Handle

The loop handle non-woven bag is quite versatile and could be used to carry around articles of various shapes, sizes and weights. These bags could be an excellent and economical way to pack your merchandise or gifts. Loop handle non-woven bags although doesn’t have as much girth as a box type bag, could also accommodate large objects, thanks to the wide gussets.

The loop handle carry bags have flexible loops of the top which comfortably fit the human hand for easily carrying around. Since these bags are made using eco-friendly non-woven fabric, they are good on the environment and most importantly your brand will get more exposure.

The soft handle along with custom printing our non woven bags with loop handle can project elegant image. We can create these bags in a lot of different colours and sizes and could be personalized with your text and company’s logo.

Suitable for:

They could be used as promotional bags in events and gatherings. They can also be used as give away by textile merchants, small electronics stores, and type of store where the object are not too heavy. For all the heavy duty stuff take a look at our Wooden Handle non woven bags.

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