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There are many thing that can make a marriage memorable to the people who attend the wedding function – the way the marriage hall is decorated, how delicious the food is to make people sit through several pandhis, the beautiful cloths of the bride and groom and the kind of give away they get. We produce beautifully designed non woven wedding bags that can be an excellent give away to be given to the people who cared to attend the gathering. The tamboolam inside the wedding bag like, coconut might last till the next time chutney is made at home, but our non-woven eco-friendly will last for a long time. Non one do they look pretty, they are quite durable and have good re-use capability. Our wedding bags are affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. We understand marriages could be expensive and a lavish wedding could cost a fortune. However, our eco-friendly thamboolam bags are low-cost, reusable, long lasting, and the people attending the function will love it.

We have shipped our wedding bags to more than 150 marriages and we could boastfully say that all our customers are happy with the quality of thamboolam bags we have shipped. Most of our orders come from Chennai and surrounding cities in Tamilnadu. However, we have also supplied our eco-friendly wedding bags to our customers in other cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore and Hyberabad.

Wedding Icons Award 2015Also, Kalorful Industries won the “Top 3 Trending Tamboolam Bags” title during the prestigious Wedding Icons Award 2015 held in Chennai.

We use only high-quality non woven fabric with excellent tensile strength to produce our wide range of wedding bags available in different colours. We have listed below some of the types of non woven bags that we produce down below. We can also produce custom designs.


Our Non woven Thamboolam Bags Designs/Models

Non woven Wedding bag
[WB1] Non woven Wedding bag

WB1 – D-Cut Wedding bag

This is a standard D-cut type wedding bag that you could have come across in many wedding ceremonies. The bag is also available in different colour and they could be a wonderful eco-friendly replacement to small to medium-sized plastic carry bags.

Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

Non woven Wedding / Thamboolam bag
[WB2] Colourful Wedding bag

WB2 – Boat Shape Wedding bag

These vibrant little bags look trendy. If you want to stand out from the crowd and give away wedding bags with a fashion statement, these bags can be perfect tamboolam bags for the occasion. These dashing bags are so pretty, they could be re-used by teens and women as an alternative to small tote bags.

Non woven marriage bags
[WB3] Silk Border Wedding bag

WB3 – Silk border Loop Handle

We produce several wedding bags with silk border. These bags can surely add a traditional touch. The silk fabric used on the bags are quite stubborn and will not rip away. This is out standard model, also take a look at our dual colour, boat-shaped models with silk borders below.
Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

Non woven Marriage gift bag
[WB4] Marriage/Wedding bags

WB4 – Silk border Loop Handle 2 colours

The WB4 is a slight variant of the wedding bag with silk border above (WB3.) There are 2 different colours of fabrics used in this bag to make it look more colourful and rich.

Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

Non woven Wedding bag
[WB5] Non woven Wedding bag

WB5 – 2 Colours Loop handle

This is a standard dual-coloured bag that looks plain and simple. They could be re-used by regular grocery shoppers and could be a good replacement to plastic bags.

Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

Non woven Wedding bag
[WB6] Marriage favour bag

WB6 – Assorted Colours Loop Handle

Monochrome wedding bags that are available in several different dashing colours. You can place order for different colours and let the people choose the their favorite coloured thamboolam bag. These bags look simple yet trendy and could have a lot of use.

Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

Non woven Wedding bag
[WB7] Boat-shaped gift bag

WB7 – Boat shape silk border

Yet another model will silk border. But this one has a trendy boat shape that has a lot of room even though it looks small. The bigger girth and wider shape towards the bottom makes this bag hold more than it looks like it could.

Non woven thamboolam bags
[WB8] Non woven Wedding bag

WB8 – Photo Printed Loop Handle

This is one of the favorites among our customers. We can print any image or message on the wedding bag. A lot of people prefer printing images of  deities, like the one you can see in the image. You can also print you own custom message. We can also suggest images from our collections. Get in touch with us for more information.

Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

Trendy wedding bag
[WB9] Marriage Bag

WB9 – Silk Border

This is yet another wedding bag model we produce on a regular basis with silk border. This is almost the same as the WB4, only that we use only a single colour fabric.

Potli style wedding bags
[WB10] Wedding Bag

WB10 – Potli bags

Potli bags (surukku pai) are becoming increasingly famous not only among the elderly, but also the young. The potli type wedding thamboolam bag is the latest addition to Kalorful’s collection of wedding bags.

Size: 9x10x3 inches(w*h*g)

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