Non Woven Wooden Handle Bags (Kattapai)

Wooden Handle Bags (Kattapai)
Wooden Handle Bags (Kattapai)

Wooden handle bags are quite popularly known as Katta-pai in Tamil, which are found in pretty much every household. They are usually not bought by end-users and are got as compliment from shops, like garment stores, utensils dealers etc. They are best companions to people who shop for groceries and other household needs and have good re-use potential and are popular among the masses for their durability and capacity. Wooden handle non woven bags are large, the wooden handle along with the incredible tensile strength of the non-woven fabric makes these bags resistant to all the abuse that they could be subjected to.

Jute Bags Vs Non Woven Wooden Bags

Traditional wooden handle bags were usually made with a thin layer of cobbled jute. Although jute is eco-friendly like non woven fabric, the kind of jute and the knitting of the threads don’t usually give the bags the same kind of tear strength that non woven wooden handle bags have. This is the main reason one can witness the growing trend of shops giving away wooden handle bags that are made using non woven fabric as opposed to jute, and they also look more polished and trendy.

Non woven Wooden Handle Bags as Give Away

As a business owner, you should give away complimentary items like non woven wooden handle bags to your customers to make them your regular customers. By giving away something as useful and valuable as these bags to your customers, you can build reputation and keep the competition stiff with your competitors. If you run a textile store or utensils store, or a book store, or any other kind of store where your customers will be very pleased to get a couple of large bags to carry their stuff back to home, you should consider providing your customers with these kind of bags so that it will be easy for them to carry their stuff and most importantly since they are large and have good strength they will likely be re-used by your customers and they will absolutely love you and your business for that.

More over they could be used as good marketing material. Since the people to whom you give these bags are going to carry these bags around which have your banding, you can get free marketing and eventually build brand reputation for your business in the long run. We also take care of printing your branding and message on to your bags.

Advantages of Wooden Handle Bags

  • They have extremely good strength when compared to plastic bags and jute bags.
  • These bags are very cost effective and are good investment for pleasing your customers and spreading the word about your business.
  • Non Woven wooden handle bags have great re-use value. Since these bags are large with the added strength of the wooden handle, these bags are considered valuable.
  • They have large surface area, your branding or message on the bags will look quite apparent when they are carried around by your free marketers (customers.)
  • Since they are made using non woven material, they of course have all the advantages of bags that are made using them, like great strength per basis weight compared to plastic, uniformity, good tear and tensile strength, durability, long life, water resistance and dimensional stability.
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