W-Cut Non woven shopping bagWe produce high-quality W-Cut and U-Cut non woven bags that could be an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic carry bags. W-cut and U-Cut bags are favorite among our clients who run grocery stores and super markets. However, they could fit well in a lot of environments and stores. They are also available in different sizes and colours and are beautifully designed. These bags once make their way in to households of your customers could be used to carry around a lot of different stuff and articles.

The W-Cut and U-Cut bags are also large since they come with large gussets which will greatly increase the capacity of the bag. We only use high-grade non-woven fabric to produce all our non-woven bags and along with large gussets, they will be able to accommodate more and also bear heavy objects, as well. The plastic bags that are used in grocery stories although have the same capacity, might not have the same kind of tensile strength that our range of W-Cut and U-Cut bags has to offer. The best part is they are extremely low-cost, as well. You will be able to provide greener, more useful and long lasting bags to your customers. This will help earn some major reputation from your customers and help run your business in a greener way.

Suitable for

Our range of W-Cut and U-Cut bags could be using for industrial as well as commercial purposes. As mentioned earlier they could be an excellent replacement to plastic carry bags. If you run a Super Marker, Grocery store, Bakery, Sweet and Savouries shops, Restaurant or into food industry in general. Our U-Cut as well as our W-Cut bags will come very handy.

We can also print your branding, logo and message our bags without in-house non-woven printing unit. Take a look at some of the sizes that we produce on a regular basis.

W-Cut & U-Cut Bag Sizes

We have listed below some of the common sizes that we produce on a regular basis for our clients. One can easily find the best size for their needs from the list below since we produce W-Cut and U-Cut bags in a lot of different sizes. However, if you have any special, custom needs. We will be able to produce them as well.



19*10Any no. of units210*12Any no. of units316*12Any no. of units414*13Any no. of units510*14Above 3000 Units612*14Above 3000 Units712*16Above 3000 Units814*16Above 3000 Units915*18Above 3000 Units

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