Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Although an Ultrasonic sewing machine can be employed for a lot of operations, it is mainly used to seam, trim, tack and most importantly seal the non woven bags. The Ultrasonic non woven sewing machine operates without thread and needle or any other consumables. This is also one of the lightest and smallest machine in our full non woven bag making machine set line up.

Ultrasonic sewing machine chennai tamilnadu

Non woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Features

1. Can finish up to 50 pieces in a minute and is quite fast.
2. It also have up to 10T pressure so that the seals are highly durable.
3. Since it’s ultrasonic it doesn’t need taps, threads or glues like regular sewing machines.
4. There is literally no cooling time and there is zero maintenance needed.

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Specifications

1 Output 0-18m/min
2 Working Frequency 20Khz
3 Output Frequency 1.5Kw
4 Effective Breadth 10mm
5 Power Supply 220v 50Hz
6 Overall Size 1250*610*1280
7 Weight 140kgs
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